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Rules & Administration


Below is the guidelines of participation in the NWCSL system;

  1. Competition Requirements: Should a team be unable to meet the requirements of competition, resulting in hindering the completion of required fixtures, they may be automatically withdrawn and/or restricted from entering from the current and future season. A withdrawal or restriction may be reconsidered if an alternative arrangement can be made, which is acceptable to other affected teams, and is agreed in good time.

  2. Age Criteria: All players must be a registered student at their place of education and cannot exceed 19 years of age (Year 14). 

  3. Team Selection: In team sports which incorporate competition consisting of First and Second Teams, each college team should be selected on ability. The assumption prior to select is to select players in an appropriate team as if both teams would be playing in a match of equal importance at the same time. It would be expected that the first team would always be the strongest team available to represent that institution. Teams must be selected as if all teams are playing on a given day, for example, if the first team does not have a match but the second team do, no players who would normally* represent the first team are eligible to play for the second team. Individuals may not play or be a substitute (playing or non-playing) for different teams on the same date. 

  4. Start Time and Day: Kick off times should be stipulated as between 2pm-2.30pm with agreement from both colleges. Games traditionally are played on Wednesday afternoons however should both colleges agree they can be played on alternate days. 

  5. Notification of Fixture:  It is the responsibility of the home team to contact the visiting team in writing (email) to confirm the fixture details at least 48 hours (outside of weekends and bank holidays) prior to the fixture. At this time an emergency telephone number shall be exchanged together with the intended time of departure of the visiting team. This correspondence should be conducted through the relevant staff member(s).  Any amendments to start time, kit colours, date must be agreed with the opposition in writing (email). Amendments to venue that do not cause unreasonable impact upon travel arrangements and are communicated more than 48 hours before the fixture need to be agreed and communicated in writing (email) to the appropriate person. All matches must be played on the fixture date as set by NWCL, unless agreed in writing by both institutions to move the fixture to an alternative date. All fixtures must be played before the league specific deadline date. 

  6. Unfulfilled Fixtures: Matches not completed by the league cutoff date stated shall be declared void with no points being awarded to either side, unless there has been a further breach of regulation. 

  7. Forfeited Matches/Walkovers: In football teams will be awarded a 3-0 win and in Netball a 50-0 win. If a college consistently is failing to fulfill fixtures NWCL members can vote on their continued involvement in the league. 

  8. Late Cancellation of Matches: a team should be notified by 9.30am latest to allow for transport, official and facilities to be notified. This can be extended if both colleges mutually agree. 

  9. Insurance: Member institutions are responsible for the provision of appropriate insurance cover for their representative individual participants in all NWCL Competitions. By entering into NWCL competitions an institution is agreeing to this requirement and indicating they are adequately insured with an active policy. 

  10. New Teams: Should sufficient new entries be received to require the creation of an additional tier of competition, NWCL representatives will establish into which tier of competition (previous or new lowest) new teams will be placed. 

  11. Play Off Finals: NWCL will appoint neutral match officials for the Finals. Finals will be played at a neutral venue organised by NWCL. If possible NWCL will appoint all match officials for these fixtures however if this isn’t possible colleges will be asked to support this. 

  12. Concede one/play another: teams may not concede a fixture and then reschedule another on to the same date. Fixtures completed in such circumstances may be declared void or awarded as walkovers. Any perceived extenuating circumstances should be communicated to the NWCL office in advance of the occurrence, at which time permission to commence may be granted on a case by case basis. 

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