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The North West College League is a network of sixth forms, FE Colleges and schools whom work collectively to provide sporting opportunities for students to enrich their educational experience.


In existence for over 20 years, a network of dedicated staff from across the region work collectively to ensure their students are provided a platform to compete in sport.

The leagues and competitions run within the North West Colleges Sports Leagues cater for the needs of both staff and students.


The largest leagues, being Division One and  Division Two, run as a block booking of two football teams and one netball team. The leagues are not a tiered system and therefore there is no promotion and relegation. The distinguishing factor is that Division One caters for colleges who have a strong history of participating in Netball whereas Division Two is made up of colleges with smaller netball cohorts and those looking to develop the sport.


The design of the league makes transportation arrangements easier and more cost effective. Therefore to be part of these divisions you need to be able to fulfil all three fixtures (2x football 1 netball) throughout the academic season on selected dates.

Other leagues run independently within each sport and are designed to encourage participation and competition. Should you have any questions regarding the NWCSL please contact us.

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