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Football Rules

  1. Duration of play: The game shall consist of two halves of 40 minutes. Teams shall change ends at half time. In all matches the half time interval will not exceed 10 minutes.

  2. Playing facilities: Playing facilities should be of an appropriate quality for matches and should comply with National Governing Body regulations for matches of this standard. Matches should be played on grass or AN approved artificial surface. It is the duty of the home team when confirming the fixture to advise the away team on any footwear restrictions and the type of surface to be used.

  3. Match Officials: The home team is responsible for providing one referee for each fixture. If this cannot be arranged colleges need to mutually agree on arrangements before the fixture. It is the responsibility of the host institution to ensure that all match officials are aware of the NWCL general and sports specific regulations, especially where these differ from National Governing Body (NGB) regulations.

  4. Team Squads: Teams can select up to 16 players for each game.

  5. Substitutions: There shall be no limit to the number of substitutions which can be made in a match. Roll on roll off is permitted throughout all NWCL competitions.

  6. Coin Toss and Pre-Match checks: The home team captain is responsible for ensuring the coin toss is carried out prior to the match commencing and informing the Match Officials of the result. All teams must cooperate with the pre-match checks carried out by the Match Officials.

  7. Playing Colours: Each college is responsible for informing its opponent of the colours of its playing kit. Should there be a clash of colours, it is the responsibility of the home team to change its colours.

  8. Fixture Cancelation: In relation to block fixtures should football matches be postponed then netball will also be postponed unless specifically agreed by both colleges. This is to ease transport burdens and maintain simplicity in rearrangement of fixtures.

  9. First Aid: Each college member of staff should carry with them appropriate first aid equipment. There should be one kit available per team.

  10. Suspensions: No player, club or team official may participate in any football fixture whilst serving a suspension imposed by any Association.

  11. Behaviour of Teams: The F.A football code of conduct must be adhered to in all football league, knockout and representative fixtures.

  12. Match day Requirements: The home team is responsible for providing a set of corner flags, and pegs for securing goal nets. This aids the official and allows for easier decision making.

  13. Affiliation: All institutions must submit their governing body affiliation number by the deadline stated. Clubs failing to do so will have 1 league point deducted from all teams concerned and may be withdrawn from the league.

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